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Live-Streamed Group Energy Healing for Mental + Emotional Health

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Join me and an amazing global community for MONTHLY group distance energy healing live-streamed sessions, when you join you also get access to daily manifestation challenges, exclusive videos, reading and more.

Live-streamed healings, wherever you are, live-streamed and archived... and yes, this stuff really works.  Distance healings are just as powerful as in-person sessions for anything physical, mental, emotional and even money and abundance! All you have to do is lay down somewhere quiet and tune in to the live and/or recorded video!  All you need is a quiet. and private place to tune into the group healing energy.

Each session I teach you my breathwork practice, you’ll do the breathwork while I guide you through a meditation centered around the month’s theme all while receiving energy healing. You will feel tingling, emotions may start to rise and flow, you may also have new ideas and clarity around situations that once seemed blocked. This can also help with physical pain and issues as well as, mental and emotional strife and stress.

Upcoming session:
March 3 @ 12 noon PT: mental + emotional health  
April 7 @ 12 noon PT: romantic relationships 
May 5 @ 12 noon PT: fertility + birthing new energy

Once you join the group, you will be given access to the Facebook group for all offerings and community!