Some things never change.

Some things never change.

I love to connect, whether it's with people, the planet or greater consciousness, my intention is live a healthy and meaningful life and help others to do the same.  My name is Millana Snow. I'm originally from Denver, CO and I grew up between Denver, Boca Raton FL, Boulder CO and Houston TX. Although I moved all over the states and have family from Panama, England and the American Midwest; I consider myself a global citizen, living between NY and LA.

I grew up in the hotel industry as my mom has been a BOSS for over 25 years in hospitality. Her worked caused us to move a lot. From it, I learned how to always keep a smile, adjust to my environment and make new friends fast while staying tight with old ones.

From a very young age, I always wanted to be an actress who would eventually become the president. I was an ancor on the daily school news show and thrived in school theater. Since we moved often, my best friend was always a good read on spirituality, feminism or news. At the tender age of 11 the Bhagavad Gita, LIFE, anything Margaret Mead and Allure magazine were a few of my favorites.

When in Houston, TX (Sugarland to be exact) I played basketball for the highest ranked girls team in the country! I always loved to throw events and make new friends while making money and helping others, so I started The Dynasty, a high school sorority that helped fund some of our college needs. At 17 I moved out to be on my own to attend Stephen F. Austin University in East Texas, where I spent two years.

At 19, I moved to NYC to follow my dreams. I was also determined to continue my education, and transferred to the City College University of New York and graduated Cum Laude, receiving a degree in public relations and advertising, all while privately studying “The Method” with famed acting teacher Tony Greco, working for UPTOWN, Vibe and Z!NK magazines and appearing in various print, commercial and TV spots as a model and actress.

Just 10 days after graduating, I was cast as a model for the Emmy-award winning series Project Runway. After three months of filming, and making my debut at NY Fashion Week, I was named the show’s winning model alongside winning designer, Gretchen Jones.

This changed my life forever, I left my wonderful job working in magazines and set out to work for myself full time as a model, host and actress. Soon after Project Runway, I was cast as the host of what became the Webby Award travel show The Vagabond Project!

About a year later, I founded SERENE Social, an international wellness company, by launching our now world famous Rooftop Yoga. After a few years of more local pop-ups, Tegan Bukowski and Jordan Daly joined what is now SERENE, the parent company. A curator of wellness, hosting conscious pop-ups and programming around the world with amazing brands like lululemon, Samsung, Soho Houses and more with branches in NY, LA and London and in 2017, we will launch a industry changing tech platform to bring wellness to the masses with SereneBook!

Today I still work as a model, actress and on-camera personality, appearing in campaigns for brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and GANT, and on TV shows for networks such as the CW, NBC, and HBO. 

You can catch me on SereneBook, on my spirit focused YouTube channel or leading online courses and healing through Reiki in private and group sessions around the world.